Chevalier Edition (FR) 2012

The FOLK rugs series (in 3 versions, Light, Dark and Bright) was born out of the desire to organize geometric forms while exploring colors and structures. Thus, the motifs clearly evoke and play with the idea of folk or traditional rugs in a deliberately simplified manner. The opportunity to work solely on a graphic level does not occur very often in my design office and when Chevalier Edition approached me for this collaboration the assignment was certainly appealing. The exploration of two-dimensional forms became without a doubt most liberating and I truly enjoyed this exercise.

Chevalier Edition (FR)
Rectangular 210 x 150 cm; Square 200 x 200 cm; Long 210 x 80 cm
100.000 knots/m2; handknotted 100% wool
3 tones; Light, Dark or Bright
Textile Pattern, Rug

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