TORCH bunch
Established & Sons (UK) 2009

TORCH light is made from a flexible polymer with a matt grainy and tactile finish. The form of TORCH clearly refers to the hand held nature of a common torch light, whilst also owing certain elements to the typical car headlight. Light shines through a clear, diamond textured polycarbonate diffuser clipped inside the soft body.

The TORCH collection is available in various colourways, as floor, table and suspension lights in single versions or grouped suspension chandelier of 5, 10 or 20 units.

Design Vlaanderen, Henry van de Velde Label Award, 2008Elle Decoration International Design Awards for Lighting, 2009Uk Grand Designs Award, Best Lighting Design, 2009Uk Grand Designs Award, Product of the Year, 2009Das Buch Der Klassiker of Schöner Wohnen, 2010
Bunch of 10 or 20 Lamps in 180 cm or 300 cm / Bunch of 5 in 110 cm or 140 cm
Soft Plastic body, polycarbonate diffuser
White & white cable, black & black cable, black & red cable, cocoa grey & red cable, red & red cable, signal grey & red cable, signal grey & yellow cable, yellow & yellow cable

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