XXS mobile drive 3.0
Freecom (NL/DE) 2009

The Freecom XXS MOBILE DRIVE is the world's smallest 2.5" external hard drive. Instead of a conventional enclosure, the XXS is contained in a rubberized exchangeable cover. The capacity of the drive is visible through a hole which also acts as a grip to open the sleeve. The sleeves can be changed to other colours, ranging from black, silver, gold to light grey. The XXS is available up to 1 TB.

Freecom (NL/DE)
Red Dot 'Best of the Best' Product Design Award 2009
iF Product Design Award 2009
Henry van De Velde Label 2009 Design Vlaanderen
10.98 x 7.95 x 1.35 cm
Moulded plastic, 2.5" Hard Drive
Black; Silver; Gold; Light Grey
Industrial Consumer good

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