XXS mobile drive 3.0
Freecom (NL/DE) 2012

The XXS MOBILE DRIVE 3.0 is an addition to the original XXS MOBILE DRIVE. This new drive uses USB 3.0 technology for ultra fast data transfer speed. The XXS 3.0 remains the world's smallest 2.5" external hard drive. Instead of a conventional enclosure, the XXS is contained in a rubberized exchangeable cover. Available up to 1 TB. In 2009 we extended the rubber enclosure series to the XS, the NETWORK DRIVE XS and the USB MEMORY. In 2010, Freecom commissioned us to explore new ways of collecting and storing data. This resulted in the MOBILE DRIVE CLS, a design that resolved and pushed further our research in hard drive enclosure, its manufacturing and usage.

Freecom (NL/DE)
10.98 x 7.95 x 1.35 cm
Moulded plastic, 2.5" Hard Drive
Industrial Consumer good

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