CLS mobile drive
Freecom (NL/DE) 2011

Following the success of the XXS MOBILE DRIVE and other devices, Freecom commissioned us to develop a new concept for collecting and organizing data. The response is the CLS MOBILE DRIVE, an external mobile hard drive that incorporates a labeling system on its side, enabling users to organize their data and identify hard drive contents at a glance. Witnessing the growing number of hard drives owned by individuals for their data (music, films, back-ups...) and inspired by the old cassette tapes and floppy drives, we imagined a drive that could be labeled in a very simple and personal way. The label is kept behind a removable window set in the side of the drive. The CLS comes in a stackable see-through case with spare coloured labels and a small USB cable. Alongside, a dock was also designed, allowing for 3 drives and 1 extra peripheral to be connected to the computer simultaneously.

Freecom (NL/DE)
Red Dot 'Best of the Best' Product Design Award 2011
iF Product Design Award 2011
Brit Insurance Design Museum London 2011
Design Vlaanderen Henry van De Velde Label 2010
10.98 x 7.95 x 1.35 cm
Injection moulded plastics; 2.5" Hard Drive
Industrial Consumer good

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