Stattmann Neue Moebel (DE) 2012

PROFILE is a super lightweight, comfortable and elegant chair with surprising inner-workings and construction system. It consists mainly of air, natural fibre and wood. Thanks to the use of very lightweight natural fibre composite (NCF) tubes, a delicate construction was achieved. The tubes are wound of soaked cotton; a high-tech process that is also used in the manufacture of sports equipment. The chair is almost entirely hollow; only the points of intersection of the structure are reinforced by connectors made of solid wood and aluminium to give the chair maximum sturdiness. Such inner-working has allowed a minimal and pure connection of the tubes, which would be too weak should it have been made in solid wood. The tubes are sheathed with a very thin ash veneer and capped with feet made of natural rubber. In spite of its technically sophisticated and innovative construction, PROFILE is simple, consisting of thoughtfully pure and minimal lines, portraying a unique yet comforting character. PROFILE is stackable and suited to home or collectivity uses, available in 6 colour ways. 

Stattmann Neue Moebel (DE)
H80 x W34 x D46 cm
Compressed Cotton tubing and wood veneer
Black; White; Red; Pink; Natural
Furniture Wood


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