CANDY shelves
Cappellini (IT) 2013

The CANDY collection reinvents the steel reinforcement bars normally used for concrete structures. Thanks to an industrial coating process, the usually unattractive rusty steel bars are given a new and elegant identity.

The CANDY shelves explore beauty and simplicity of ready-available construction materials to make furniture. A commonly known bar, by means of a simple design and an industrial intervention, becomes a beautiful and classic piece of furniture. Surprisingly, the purely functional texture of the bar becomes, once painted, a graphic element.  The CANDY shelves refer to 1960’s furniture through the use of a structure holding boards of varying colours and finishes as well as perforated metal tray elements and accessories.

Tall L128 x H957 x W42 cm, low L188 x H65 x W42 cm
Steel (concrete reinforcing bar)
Black, white, red, blue, moss green

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