Objekten (BE) 2012

The MATT collection comprises desktop storage items and sleeves for portable devices. Made from black soft plastic, with a unique and surprising rubber quality feel.
MATT sleeves were designed as rugged and tough protective skins for hardware (also usable for storing magazines, papers and cards). 

MATT-Ring and MATT-Oval are pen and paper holders designed as functional and playful tools with a simple yet subtle character, enabling one to organise his/her working environment and create original desktop landscapes.

The collection is completed with the MATT-Bowl, designed as a "vide-poche" for storing stuff on one's desk or anywhere around home.

Objekten (BE)
Ring Ø18 x 8,5 cm; Oval 30 x 12 x 6,5 cm; Bowl Ø26 x 8 cm; iPhone 6,5 x 11,7 x 1,2 cm; iPad2 25 x 19,5 x 1,5 cm; MB13" & Air" 33 x 23 x 2,5 cm
Moulded textured soft plastic
Accessories Plastic

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