DR. BAMBOOZLE / Personal Project

DR.B is an exploration into the cultural relevance of bamboo in a Western context and production possibilities with rubber. Qualities of bamboo are celebrated and treated in an unforeseen process. Lengths of Bamboo are strapped into shape and dipped into a contrasting bright yellow rubber. Once cured, the rubber acts as a bonding agent, holding the seating structures together.

This project was initiated as part of a Summer Vitra Workshop for which Sylvain and James had been invited to participate. DR. BAMBOOZLE won the Interieur award and received worldwide attention. Although it remained a project and a limited production, DR. BAMBOOZLE remains an important starting project in my curriculum since it gave me the opportunity to further explore rubber and soft plastics, and later on, develop these experiences in more rational and applied industrial designs.

Year 2002

Awards Winner of Intérieur, Belgium, 2002

Materials Bamboo and rubber
Dimensions Bench:100x40x30cm stool:40x40x25 cm

Project collaboration with James Carrigan