The CANDY collection exploits the potential of steel reinforcement bars normally used for concrete structures. Thanks to an industrial coating process, the common and usually unattractive rusty steel bars are given a new and seducing identity. High gloss paint, applied to the textured bars gives off a multitude of highly bright reflections.

The CANDY table is the result of exploring the beauty and simplicity of ready-available construction materials to make pieces of furniture; such a commonly known bar could, by means of a simple design and an industrial intervention, become a beautiful and classic piece of furniture. Surprisingly, the purely functional texture on the bar becomes a decorative element once painted. The tables are available in 2 different formats and sizes, square cm 40x40x40h and round cm 45x40h and 5 colours (blue, green, white red and black).

CANDY is a collection of items which I had designed and presented during the 2009 Milan Design Week. After discussing the project with Giulio Cappellini, it was clear that the project was suitable to become a typical and classic Cappellini product, for its use of metal in such a simple yet idiosyncratic way.

Client Cappellini (IT)
Year 2012

Materials Steel (concrete reinforcing bar)
Dimensions Square Table 40x40x40 Round Table H42xD40
Colours Black, White, Red, Blue, Green