I had already created the plain colour STUFF bag in 2007, but for SWS, my web-shop. I had an idea on how to updated it in a fun and colourful way. I asked the factory that produces the STUFF bags if the workers could perhaps splash some droplets of coloured rubber onto the bags during the making process. They accepted and the result was immediately beautiful. Originally the STUFF bag was born out of rationalizing my early experiments with rubber into a straightfoward and industrial product. With the SPLASH, the product remains produced in an industrial way, yet it combines an obvious human intervention and a unique touch for every bag produced.

SPLASH is a seamless and flat rubber hand- bag. Stretchable, extra resistant and washable. SPLASH can contain anything and everything. It can also be used as a document holder thanks to its A4 format.

Client SWS (BE)
Year 2011

Materials Rubber
Dimensions 36 x 27 x 0.5 cm
Colours Black Bag with Blue, Red and Yellow spashes or Black Bag with Blue, Red and Green splashes