RING & LOOP mirrors are new additions to the SWS collection and are exclusively available through SWS, my online store. Playing on the graphic qualities of form and graphics, the mirrors create striking and eye-catching focal points in a space. Despite its unusually thick border and the narrow silvered area, RING & LOOP function perfectly as mirrors. Surprisingly, one’s upper body is perfectly well framed and visible in the silvered area, whether from close up, or from a distance. The technical beauty of these mirrors lies in that both the silvering and the colour are applied to the back of the glass, hence the reflection also in the coloured border. Hand crafted in Brussels with utmost skill from a single sheet of 4mm glass. RING & LOOP are available in Black and Red or bespoke colours.

Client SWS (BE)
Year 2011

Materials Glass
Dimensions Ring: Ø50cm Loop: Ø70x50cm
Colours Black or Red