LOCK is a reinterpretation of the archetypal coat-stand. Inspired by COATED, a former coat-stand project, I developed LOCK, a simple and effective solution comprising a Bakelite ball and 3 sticks. The particularity of this coat-stand lies in the simplicity of its elements and how they are put together. The 3 wooden poles are inserted through a cleverly machined Bakelite ball, which maintains the lot together thanks to 1 and sole screw discreetly located under the ball. The softness of natural wood contrasting with the glossy Bakelite ball results in a joyful and playful item for domestic or office situations.

Client Tamawa (BE)
Year 2010

Materials Ash and Bakelite
Dimensions Adult:H165cm Ball: D16cm Kids: H120cm Ball 13cm
Colours Yellow, orange, red, fuschia, purple, blue, black