Following our collaboration on the XXS MOBILE DRIVE, Freecom launched the XS, a 3.5" external hard drive and a its Network version, the NDXS. As with the XXS, the hard drives are enclosed in a rubberized cover instead of a conventional hard plastic or aluminium enclosure. The XS and NDXS bear capacities up to 3TB using USB 3.0 technology. Freecom also released a mini version of the rubber series, the USB MEMORY an incredibly small device, with a storage capacity up to 160 GB.

In 2010, Freecom commissioned me to explore new ways of collecting and storing data. This resulted in the design and manufacturing of the MOBILE DRIVE CLS, which was also a fascinating item to develope, since it not only answered the question in a very contemporary fashion, but also used references of the past (such as the Floppy disc, the VHS or the audio cassette).

Client Freecom (DE/NL)
Year 2009

Materials Moulded plastic, 3.5" Hard Drive (For xs/ndxs) and 1.8" Hard Drive (for UsbMemory)
Dimensions xs/ndxs 182 x 114 x 31 mm UsbMemory 58 x 82 x 9 mm
Colours Black (For xs/ndxs) and silver (for UsbMemory)