STUFF is a seamless flat rubber handbag. Its material allows to stretch in three dimensions. Things inside the bag are concealed and revealed through ghosted shapes. Available in various colours.

My early projects investigated rubber and latex related techniques (Milk light, InnerTube light, Dr. Bamboozle, some jewelry items), most of which remained exploratory and material based projects. STUFF however, sufficiently explored the material and technique, whilst taking into account the requirements needed for a project to become a realistic product. By using the same technique employed to make swimming caps, I defined STUFF, which is now, 6 years later still produced and available through my webshop, SWS.

Client SWS
Year 2007

Awards Henry van de Velde Label Award 2006 Design Vlaanderen

Materials Rubber
Dimensions 36 x 27 x 0.5 cm
Colours Black, blue, green